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Charity Doyl

As a storyteller, my goal is to connect people with wisdom through the ancient art of story. I tell traditional tales (fairy tales, folk tales, myths, legends, etc.) from my Philippine Culture. I love insights and lessons best when they’re wrapped in funny or poignant stories. I began my storytelling journey when I became a mom and wanted to share my heritage with my children.
I have curated artifacts and a library collection of Filipiniana documenting the history of Filipinos and their interactions with the surrounding countries, traders and travelers as far back as the Stone Age.

Several of my stories have been shared with Filipinas Magazine (Los Angeles, CA), The Philippine Express Newspaper (Canada),, Marvels & Tales with the University of Hawaii and The Spokane Public Library for 2020’s Asian Pacific Heritage Month.

I am also an event organizer: The Family Fun Fair, Earth Day Spokane, Back2School Bash and

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