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Terece Hahn Metzger

Attached is the cover for Terece Hahn Metzger’s debut novel. Although her formal training is in medicine as a Doctor of Nursing Practice-Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, her heart and soul were yearning for something else.

Hahn Metzger was burnt out and needed a way to express herself creatively. She decided to embark on this immense self-development journey through the experience of writing Ellie’s story. She knew this venture would challenge her at every corner. She not only wrote a story about difficult topics such as worthiness, generational trauma, and toxic relationships but also wrote it in a way that is provocative, spicy, hopeful, and poignant.

Synopsis of Attached by Terece Hahn Metzer

What if everything you knew, everything you were taught, all that you expected from life was stripped away? What would you do? Who would you be? Would you like who you were if it was all there was left?

Ellie has always known her role as a woman of the mountains. Taking care of her family, hunting, panhandling, and running the family store is all she deserved.

Raised in rural Northern Washington Territory in 1884 around other “roughnecks,” she knows her place. That is until one fatal morning when everything changes. As Ellie’s family foundation is dismantled log by log, she must face her destructive past and the uncharted, unknown future.

In a time when life expectancy was short, 20-year-old Ellie, must either accept help from unlikely allies or become part of the local violent outlaw authority to survive. Choosing between two men, two lives, and two sides.

Attached, Terece Hahn’s debut work,is an adult literary Bildungsroman Western novel, a captivating novel of love, grief, and resilience in unfamiliar rugged, and raw territory.

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