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Spokane Creators

Folk in Music

Rosie Cerquone

Rosie Cerquone is a freelance percussionist, singer, and songwriter currently based in Spokane, WA. She is passionate about the growing field of mallet percussion and voice.

Frankie Ghee

Frankie Ghee is a solo acoustic musician who plays memorable, sing-able songs.

Heat Speak

Heat Speak is an indie folk group led by singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist Dario Ré. His impassioned poetics sung in English and French are supported by dynamic musicianship and intricate arrangements to create a unique blend of indie folk, chamber pop and world fusion.

The Willows (Peter Paul and Mary tribute band)

Out of deep respect for the music of Peter, Paul and Mary, the premiere folk group of the 1960’s, The Willows bring their music alive again with stellar 3-part harmonies and instrumental prowess.

Wyatt Beaulieu

Wyatt Beaulieu is a singer-songwriter from Spokane Washington, who plays acoustic pop with elements of folk and alternative.

Brad Keeler

Brad Keeler is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, composer, and interpreter of Vintage Music.