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Heat Speak

Heat Speak is an orchestral folk ensemble from Spokane, Washington. They use eclectic instrumentation and impassioned poetics to create a unique blend of indie folk, baroque pop and gipsy fusion.

Led by singer-songwriter, Dario RĂ© on guitar, piano, ukulele and vocals, members include: Phil Pintor on violin; Michael Starry on upright bass; Andie Daisley on backing vocals; Caroline Bickford on cello; Tim Gales on mandocello, cello and vocals; Rick Estrada on electric guitar, mandolin and vocals and Zack Zuniga on auxiliary percussion.

Le chemin n'est pas grave (Official Video)

Official video for ""Le chemin n'est pas grave" from the album Aspen Artichoke (2017)

Vernissage (Live on Lilac City Live!)

"Vernissage" live on Lilac City Live! in Spokane, Washington February 21, 2019

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