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Spokane Creators

Rock in Music


I’m a 20 y/o artist outa Spokane who makes Alt rock, hiphop, and indie music.

Trent de la Cruz

I'm a musician and producer in Spokane (born and raised in the Chicagoland area) creating my own eclectic blend of psychedelic indie music.

Rusty Jackson

Rusty Jackson is a singer, songwriter and entertainer. Rusty also produces events including the annual IN-CMA awards show. Rusty's music can be found on Spotify and Rusty performs 150+ live shows every year in the region. Find out more on Rusty's website!

Jason Perry

I push each day to find new melodies, lyrics, and rhythms that express my feelings and those around me

Heat Speak

Heat Speak is an indie folk group led by singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist Dario Ré. His impassioned poetics sung in English and French are supported by dynamic musicianship and intricate arrangements to create a unique blend of indie folk, chamber pop and world fusion.