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Spokane Creators

Acting in Performance Art

Rio Alberto

A Chicano artist and educator based in Spokane, Rio has worked across the country as an artist and educator.

Mica Pointer

"How best can we tell this story?" For every project I go into, that is the most important consideration I make. Whether it is a script I am writing, a costume I am sewing, or an historical interpretation I am presenting, this question guides my work through every step.

Erin Sellers

Erin develops complex work from a feminine perspective that collides mythological stories and tradition with a modern context

Maureen Sullivan

I love making costumes, dolls and enjoying the creative process in as many fields as I can.

The Drama Bunker

The Drama Bunker is an inclusive, creative, online space for young performers to create performances with other young artists.

Sid Al-Thumali

Sid is an Arab-American theatre artist residing in Spokane. He’s the creative/resident director of The Traveling Theater Company for Wayward Artists.