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Spokane Creators

Theatre in Performance Art

Duncan Menzies

I started an LLC (pending nonprofit) to produce devised cabaret and staged work that intersects fine art and performed at an art gallery. In visual ventures I do conceptual multimedia creations with bedsheets around the subject of "covering."

Mica Pointer

"How best can we tell this story?" For every project I go into, that is the most important consideration I make. Whether it is a script I am writing, a costume I am sewing, or an historical interpretation I am presenting, this question guides my work through every step.

Juan A Mas

Juan A Mas is a Latino Producer and Director in Film, Television, and Theater. In the last 25 years, he has produced theater and film in Spokane, Los Angeles, and Eastern Europe. He enjoys being part of programs that allow people from different disciplines to collaborate.

Matthew Weaver

Matthew Weaver is a Spokane, WA playwright, screenwriter, poet and writer.