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Amber Tyler

Hello, Beautiful!

My name is Amber Tyler, and I am a boudoir photographer serving the Coeur d’alene, ID and Spokane, WA area, and beyond. I’d love to say that I knew right away when I started photography, that boudoir is what I wanted to do, but let’s be real… It took me awhile to find where my passion needed to be placed. I have spent many years doing photography and then came to the conclusion that I needed to be doing work that not only made me happy, but also served a better and bigger purpose. Some may wonder how does boudoir photography serve a better and bigger purpose? Well I will tell you!

As a child, I grew up watching my mother hate herself. She had battled weight issues her whole life and didn’t feel she was worthy of nice things. She let her own opinion of herself stop her from doing things that she wanted and loved to do. I witnessed this and told myself I would never be that. Surprisingly, I made it through my high school years with a pretty good self image of myself. It wasn’t until I became a mom, that I started to see and feel these same things with my own body. Suddenly it became harder to lose unwanted “baby weight”. Stretch marks started to appear, and I began to feel like I was living in a body that wasn’t even mine. It’s such a hard trap to be caught in, and I feel a lot of women, especially mothers, find themselves in this same position. I had to re-train my mind to not believe these terrible things I was telling myself, about myself. The mind is so tricky, and most of the time how we see ourselves is not at all what we really look like. Our loved ones see us in a completely different way. Especially our children, they look at us and think of things such as love, caring, and beauty. To them, we are the definition of beauty. We need to stop letting them down and teaching them that we are anything different than what they already believe.

This is where my job comes in. My job is to show you how beautiful you truly are. To show you what you look like through my lens and my vision. Some may say boudoir is all about sex, but I don’t believe that. Boudoir is sexy, but it is all about empowering you, the woman, and showing you that you are that ideal of beauty, a realistic beauty. I offer a luxury experience that is custom tailored for your needs and wants. Sound like something you want to try? Contact me! I would love to chat with you and hear your story. Tell me what I can do for you!

-Amber Tyler

Photographer / Owner / Hello Beautiful

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