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Anette Lusher

A Photographer and Artist by training, I see the world as a vast canvas, a constant source of images and inspiration. I try to capture the essence of those visualizations. Often, I work from a thought, which has a surreal quality in itself, or an unconscious notion, which may be hidden or in plain sight. My objective is to allow the canvas to guide me to explore new concepts in relationship of space and location, intention and execution, as well as perspectives and dimensions. Through my work, I attempt to interpret and explore the central issues of shapes and forms, and how color can emphasize, direct, interpret, or even re-direct their original shapes. This interpretation results in the use of a variety of materials and processes.

Each of my work tells a story, relates to life events, and depicts emotional, spiritual, and conceptual ideas. Many of my paintings are highly textured which I achieve through pooling, dribbling, and layering of paint. Each layer acts as a metaphor for time’s passage, the same way life unfolds.

I think of my paintings as an expression of calmness and flow, and sometimes of dance and seduction, and let color, technique, and mood guide me to the finished piece. In abstracting, the emotions are often more powerful than the actual “meaning” behind the painting, and therefore; I let my imagination be fueled by the moment.

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