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Anna Canfield

The act of creating helps me explore and understand existence, provides peace, hope and a means to express the soulful depths of human experience. I have a deep fascination with the commonalities in human behavior, and find great value in the examination of themes that connect us across cultures.

Guided by instinct, I capture real moments in time, translating them into art that resonates with intimate and personal experiences.

Along with deeper considerations of our humanness, I am finding a renewed breath in expanding my mediums, combining more freely, and loosening my grip.

I’ve been gathering seeds of inspiration, leading to projects in larger scales and a greater depth of savory detail and energy.

The intersecting themes that inspire me come from daily actions that are foundational to being human; we nourish, we contemplate, we come together.

I navigate life’s complexities through an artistic lens from a home studio in a small town outside of Spokane. The vast region of the Columbia Basin has given me space to catalog my observations, to play, and to reconnect with the basics of life and land.

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