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Spokane Creators

Ceramics in Visual Art


Emily Franklin

Clay is my happy place. I spend hours upon hours giggling with joy as the pieces I make bleed out of my jumbled and chaotic mind.


Chris Kelsey

I’m a clay artist making sculptural work as well as functional pottery. I fire much of my work in the wood fired kiln I built a few years back. The wood ash and atmosphere in the kiln creates surfaces unique to each firing.


Susannah Ceramics

My name is Annie and I make ceramic artwork meant to be a part of your everyday. Currently I am crafting polymer clay earrings and jewelry - lightweight, modern, colorful and whimsical!


Wendy Zupan

I make one-of-a-kind mixed media pieces and sculpted whimsical puppetry from a land of Old World fiction. Illustrators such as Arthur Rackham and Sir John Tenniel fed my young mind and continue to inspire me.


Sally Jablonsky

Sally Jablonsky is a painter, illustrator, and traditional oldtime fiddle player and teacher. Through a range of media including drawing, painting, soft sculpture, and ceramics, Sally's work investigates what it means to have an animal body, and how it feels to be on the Earth.


Bear Creek Mercantile

We are a non-profit Artist Co-op, founded in 2016 to serve the local community in the Chattaroy / Elk, WA area.


Frankie Benka

I have been doing photography for 50 years. As an artist, I don’t limit myself to one medium.


Tiffany Patterson

My work is playful and uses repetition of patterns as visual texture and meditation. All mediums are fair game. I regularly bounce between mixed media painting, illustration, murals, ceramics, and installation art and I’m always ready to embrace the next sparkly thing.


Jill Smith

Jill Smith is a ceramic artist who offers pottery lessons in her studio at the ClayFox Clay School