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Christopher Page Lemmen

Art embellishes life. Everyone deserves to enjoy original art in his or her home, office, and garden. My goal is to create a wide variety of interesting and dramatic pieces that are available to patrons with a modest budget for artwork, and have fun while I’m doing it.

I love working with all types of metal and creating art from reclaimed materials. I see art in remnants and acquire materials from a variety of interesting and sometimes unusual places. My work continually evolves and I enjoy exploring new techniques, processes, and materials. My extensive travel throughout the world and particularly in South East Asia has been extremely influential in developing my own design style. I am most influenced by Asian and Art Deco design. My belief is that the two complement each other and work well with many architectural styles. I also love Retro designs and patterns, cubism, and abstract art.

I’ve been fascinated with metal fabrication and construction since I was a teenager at Seattle’s Roosevelt High School in 1977. I occasionally worked with metal for artistic and functional applications during a 21 Year career with the US Army. After my retirement from service, I decided to pursue my lifelong passion for metal work.

I attended the Welding Fabrication program at South Seattle Community College where I learned advanced welding techniques, layout, fabrication, and blacksmithing. I have experimented and perfected a multitude of finishing processes; texture and polish, traditional patinas, heat patinas, and commercial coatings to use in my artwork

Art Neuvo Gate

fractured rings oblique

retro mirror image

split disk with driftwood front

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