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Crystal L Buck

Crystal L. Buck (Wanapum/Nooksack) is a Native American artist and lives in Spokane, Washington. She is an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation and grew up on the Yakama Indian Reservation. Her passion for drawing and painting evolved at a very young age. She gives credit to her amazing art instructors and seeing sketches done by her late father (Kenneth Buck), family and friends teachers. They encouraged her and believed in her talent enough to enter her work in local shows throughout the years. Before completing high school, she participated in her 1st painting showcase where she met and networked with various young artists. She sold her 1st piece in 1997. Upon graduating from college as an Exercise Specialist in 2003, she also received a minor in art with a specialization in painting from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. She collaborated with the Burke Museum in Seattle, Washington, to create signage for their re-opening after COVID-19. Her drawing was selected for the 2019–2020 Washington State Indian Education Program. In 2020, Crystal illustrated the books; 'The Auntie Way: Stories Celebrating Kindness, Fierceness, and Creativity,' 'Huckleberries &Coyotes: Lessons from Our More than Human Relations,' and 'Fox Doesn’t Wear a Watch: Lessons from Mother Nature’s Classroom. All available on Amazon. Crystal is the mother of four beautiful children and loves spending time with her family. She enjoys participating in traditional gatherings and learning the Salish language with her kids. She’s passionate about running, leading (fitness dance classes, drawing, and crafting. She is inspired by artistic creations that focus on her Native roots, modern art techniques, Zentangle, vibrant and various uses of colors, lines and patterns. One of her artistic dreams is to blend her love for hummingbirds and her individual style into a unique thematic masterpiece--it is in the works. You may contact Crystal by email:



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