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Desire Mcginn

Born and Raised in Spokane, Desire attended Gonzaga university for art. Her creative focus is largely reserved for custom client work at this point in her career. Utilizing both hand drawn and graphic work, she creates large scale paintings and murals. In addition, she offers the classic art of hand painted logos and signs.

Desire prides herself on working with local business owners, residents, organizations and beyond, to showcase specific elements of their identity.

Whether she is representing a brand, mining for the feeling desired in a home residence, or sharing the mission of an organization in a big way, her favorite part of her work is design.

The first thing she asks herself when presented with a space is, “what does this space beg?” Then she finds the sweet spot between client need, space appropriate design, and cost.

When not engaged with client work, she enjoys making art with her 4 daughters, making art while picnicking at Greenwood Cemetery, making art in bed...and eating toast.

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