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Spokane Creators

Fashion in Visual Art


Ava Anderson

I have a varying range of mediums, including acrylics, oils, markers, and all types of digital art.


Cecile Grace Charles

I like to address life in all its wonderful colors in my art, sometimes somber, other times in brilliant spectrum.


John Sebastian

Self-taught John Sebastian has spent years perfecting several different disciplines of painting and drawing but stays within the parameters of abstract expressionism and impressionism.


Jesper Butts

The feel of the spay can and watching the painting appearing before my own eyes brings me joy.


Star Belina Ryan

I love to draw just about anything but I specialize in Portraits and nature with surrealistic undertones. I am a multimedia artist working with watercolors, graphite pencil, color pencil, acrylic, oil paint, Copic markers and digital art.


Slava Demin

Slava has been creating artworks since he was a child and went through a very interesting life. His style might be called “Russian avant-garde".


Foolstario Ghesexia

I love to draw for money and fame and power and cool masks to wear.


Nan Drye

I eco print with leaves and other plant materials onto natural fiber fabrics to make beautiful, useful things. I am fascinated with the colors achieved from many humble weeds we overlook every day and the rather magical processes used to get them to give up their secrets.


Rachael Alt

I like to push the limits of the app I use and create things that people aren't doing yet.