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Fred N. Bommer II, aka Freddie B.

In mid-2013, I decided to break loose from the bonds of the automatic camera mode as to allow myself the freedom to control what I create from what I viewed of the world through the lens of my camera - the creative freedom to fully express my artistic visions and to "speak" through my images.

Being an Aspie, I have challenges with my social & communication skills so my camera is my "voice" and where I am most comfortable...a means for me to share the beauty of the world around me and those within it.

After retirement in July 2016; after nearly 30 years of a career that was my "life", I set forth on my photographic journey to capture such images to evoke emotions, cause reflective thought, and to cause one to gasp from the sheer "depth" at what I capture through the lens of my camera; for this is the photographer I aspire to be and anything less, for me, will not be acceptable.

Actress & artist Kate Kelton


Flakstad Pollen, Leknes, Norway

Bald Eagle near Thompson Falls, Idaho

Aurora Borealis over Skagsanden Beach, Norway

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