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Heather Berndt

I currently create at the intersection of spirituality, psychology, and art to inspire others to explore the mysteries of the divine and to access their internal freedom. My practices are frequently informed by music, faith and the natural world and include mixed-media acrylics, playful abstracts, collage, and poetry.

For 10 years I have facilitated spirituality and the arts workshops in the region that weave together the above mentioned themes and offer accessible experiences that focus on process over product. I am also a professionally trained Spiritual Director who incorporates creativity into my practice.

In 2023 my goal is completing the Safe PassageĀ© card deck that includes a set of 40 images accompanied by a book of meditations.

For the last 15 years my main practice has been graphic design for professional services, non-profits, and other community do-gooders. While I am transitioning from that medium, I still consider clients in need of support for high-quality document design (magazines, e-books, and annual reports.)

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