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Jansen Niccals

Hello! I grew up in Spokane and have been creating art in the PNW for over a decade. I work in a variety of mediums, traditionally; acrylic and watercolor painting, graphic design and illustration, character concept designs, and comic panels. I also dabble in digital illustrations and paintings.

Some of the things I love to create include fantasy-themed works like dragons and mythological creatures. I also illustrate animals, pets, and fantastic beasts.

I create art because it is the one thing in my soul that is the loudest. When I am drawing or painting, I am free. My heart sings as it soars across a canvas. Each and every drawing I create is a look inside my head, and my imagination. I look forward to speaking with you and seeing the vision you have for the art that we both create together.

Find more of my work on my Instagram:

Thank you for all these wonderful years supporting local artists, Spokane! Here's to more!


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