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Katherine Waxman

Hello! I'm Kath Waxman, Idaho-farm-girl-turned-illustrator residing in Washington State. My career in illustration began 30 years ago with my first job at Nike WHQ in Portland, Oregon. Soon I would become their global Illustration Manager and eventually worked in Image Design. I loved the challenge, but motherhood knocked and I answered; I suppose you could say that growing things was in my genes, from babies to ideas that bloomed in my sketchbook.

While I continued working as an independent contractor (designing games, branding, and handmade cards) during the wee hours of the night, my passion grew for illustration.

Waxworld is a nature inspired collection that invites the viewer to an imaginary place. It is the manifestation of my life experiences and represents my ethos as an illustrator; inspire joy and laugh a little too.

My graphic approach lends itself well to murals, children's books and packaging. I enjoy making patterns and greeting card designs for the gift industry.

For an updates and fresh work, you can find me at:

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