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Kay Lodahl

The desire to create has always been a part of my life in some form or another. Thirty five years ago I discovered glass and all the phases of forming it into desirable art or functional pieces I could be proud of. As the years of discovery changed, I have settled into flameworking glass with a torch using soft glass and borosilicate glass. I am rather an instant gratification type artist, so working on projects that take a lot of thought and time have a tendency to make me turn the other way. With a torch, I can create many different shapes and the colors and their reactions never end as the glass companies are constantly taxing my pocketbook with new developments in their field.

Lampworking demo LodahlArtWorks

Turquoise Water Agates Lampwork Glass Beads

Sahara Nuggets Lampwork Glass Beads

Ivory Sage Bicone Lampworking Glass Beads

Rainbow Bicone Lampwork Glass Beads

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