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Kristen Robertson

My love for the fine arts started as far back as I can remember. Theater, dance, and writing where all things that came natural to me. I found my love for theater when I was just 5 years old. Dance became a part of life when I entered 2nd grade, and my passion for writing fiction came quickly after when my family got our very first computer back in '95.

I studied the fine arts at Spokane Falls Community College and Alberta Bible College (in Calgary AB Canada). Primarily photography, theater, English, ceramics and visual art.

My love for the visual arts never really developed until I was introduced to oil pastels back in 2015. I was given a small box of 10 primary colors for free and without knowing anything about them I began to experiment on some of the old sketch paper I had on hand from college.

The first real oil pastel painting I did was a 18x24" commission order of a white tiger face that I had done for a former friend of mine. Fortunately for me, the whole order fell through, so I was able to keep him and show case him as one of my proudest pieces.

I've painted on and off for the past 5.5 years. I had donated a couple of my paintings for the Spokane Guilds School (now known as Joya) Gala's silent auction, but hadn't really taken my work until this past October when I was given the opportunity to be my church's featured artist for the first Monroe Street Art Walk. That's when I had my first taste of public exposure. When I got high complements on my work, I knew right then I had to really hone into my craft a lot more seriously.

As of today, I have both MSAW and the Shadle Craft Fair under my belt, I've sold a couple of my original paintings and prints, I just launched my website a few days ago, completed 2 out of my 3 most recent commissions...and now I'm working on getting my work out there, meet other local artists and be more involved in the art community. :)

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