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Linda Hyatt Cancel

"My earliest memory in life is the vivid sights, sounds, and atmosphere while watching fireworks from the bluffs above the Snake River on the Idaho - Washington border when I was fifteen months old. The barren, windswept hills of that region, and the verdant glacier valleys of eastern Washington still evoke and inspire my love and never-ending quest to capture in paint the effects of atmosphere on the landscape.
In 1971, I began private oil painting instruction with noted artist Mr. William F. Pogue. I still remember the exhilaration of putting pigment to canvas, producing the appearance of form, light, and shadow. He spoke of his reverence about the Golden Age of Illustration and the Wyeth family dynasty of artists, which are also some of my favorites. I continued study in his classes until enrolling at Spokane Falls Community College, majoring in Visual Merchandising and Display Design. This training has served to enhance my understanding of the impact of color, design, contrast, and repetition in order to attract the attention of the viewer within a few seconds.
Painting, for me, is an expression of many interests - geology, history, and anthropology become spiritual geographies and psychological archaeology. For the love of cinema, storytelling, and theater, the painting becomes the performance, and language and writing translate to poetic tonalism.
After twenty-five years of residing on the east coast and establishing my career there as an artist, life's elliptical journey brought me back to the west coast in 2013. I am so pleased and thankful for all the wonderful gallery representation and opportunities I've had along the way."

"V is for Violet" - 24"x 36" - oil on linen

"Superhero" - 48"x 60" - oil on deep-stretched canvas - 1934 batwing school bus hood

"Play Free Bird" - 12"x 24" - oil on panel

"My Favorite Nest" - 24"x 18" - oil on linen panel

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