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Megan Perkins

Megan Perkins is an artist, teacher, and native of the Pacific Northwest. She lives in Deer Park, WA and works primarily in watercolor with a love of color and expressive line. She has exhibited in many venues in the Spokane region including the Chase Gallery, Terrain, Jundt Art Museum and more. She is on the board of Art Salvage, a local creative reuse shop, member at Pottery Place Plus, and teaches at the Spokane Art School and Corbin Art Center. She is most well known for her Artist’s Eye on Spokane series, which was started during a year long project of painting at a new location in Spokane every week for 52 weeks. This project culminated in locally produced book by the same name. Her paintings of the Spokane area are featured in a monthly column in the Spokane Coeur D’Alene Living magazine.

Red Flyer Lilacs

Duncan Gardens

Garland Theater

St. Al's

Image by Eileen Perkins

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