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Melissa Singh Cole

Over the last 18 years I have discovered that with the most mundane ingredients I am able to create something that vibrates with its own raw energy. I relish the moments when my creations make people stop and enjoy an experience. I derive much of the inspiration for my artwork from my encounters as a naturalist guide, a childhood spent in India, and by my background in zoology.
I am passionate about involving the public through community-built public work, which instills a sense of pride and ownership. I thrive on demystifying art by helping people find the confidence within themselves to create and share their life stories with others.
Within each public work, I strive to create a strong sense of place. I believe in reconnecting people with nature by bringing natural themes to urban settings. I greatly enjoy working with committees and design professionals to realize projects, and all of my projects have been completed on time and within budget.

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