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Spokane Creators

Mixed Media in Visual Art


Lauren Thomas

I enjoy exploring hidden symbols, story, myths, and meaning making through art.


Lenora Jesus Lopez Schindler

Lenora J. Lopez Schindler is a multi-material artist. Her work includes painting and drawings using layers of oil paint, spray paint, watercolor on traditional painting grounds and sometimes surfaces of sculptures. She has shown regionally and nationally.


Ana "Pink" Varela

"Creepy is just another word for Cute."


Becky Busi

We have a choice not only in what we see, but how we see. Utilizing mediums to reposition our human gaze in the natural world, I create precise renderings that share space with mysterious forms, suggesting that we can inhabit more than one world view at a time.


Gabriel Harrington

My craft is hand building, repurposing, and combining multiple elements to create one of a kind sculptures using stones, crystals, wood, metal, and glass to create visions of reflective and radiated light.