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Pamela Van Kirk

For me, Art and Music are my Divine sanctuary. It is the place where I can let go of any outcome, where I witness the creation becoming.

It is my job to connect with the unknown power of genius. Some call it God. I call it Divinity. It is from this internal place in the solitude that the greatest inspiration sparks the fire for a new creation. Using jewelry remnants, chains and beads "Chained Gecko" came into being. The piece is so inviting, I have begun a series of "Chainage" not only as a way to reuse future landfill, but also as a way to say we have a bright future. Each is a simple figure, often symbolic, on a background of vibrating color designed to draw you in for contemplation.

When someone looks at the art and is inspired with that moment of "awe" I know I have done my job.

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