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Spokane Creators

Paper Crafts in Visual Art


Abby Light

I make things that are a mix of art & craft, using cartoonish shapes, colors, and organic textures with a bold and playful style.


Nanette Cloud

Nanette is a shapeshifting webwitch who makes intimate and otherworldly comics.


Mel Antuna Hewitt

It is her mission to explore the narrative of the book: as an art piece and as a means of holding and conveying knowledge.


Marie Noorani

​​​My inspiration is the vague boundary between brokenness and wholeness, and the poetic coincidence of beauty and coarseness that characterize the human experience. I thoughtfully create paper from natural fibers & recycled material. Then, I destroy it.


Bear Creek Mercantile

We are a non-profit Artist Co-op, founded in 2016 to serve the local community in the Chattaroy / Elk, WA area.


Anna Shawver

Anna is a happily married mom of three who began creating her work while she was a stay-at-home-mom in 2016. She now creates to spread joy with her art.


Allen and Mary Dee Dodge

We work collaboratively in iron, copper and vitreous enamels as well as wood, paint, paper and more.