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Ryker Murdock

Ryker Murdock was born and raised in Southeast Idaho on a Ranch outside of Blackfoot. Growing up he was surrounded by vast landscapes of desert, mountain and farmland, which probably contributed to the subject of art he prefers to create. He has been the artsy type his whole life, only recently moving to Acrylics as a primary medium. His mom always said they couldn't keep enough paper and pencils in the house when he was growing up.

His favorite subjects to paint are detailed landscapes, abandoned areas and structures, as well as architectural portraits. The cover for Prey to the Order, and the other pieces inspired by the book, is his first (and certainly not last) adventure into the world of Fantasy Art, even though he's been quite the nerd his whole life.

"I believe that artistic types see the world in a different way. When I look at fall leaves on a tree, I don't see orange, red, yellow, brown. I see all of the different colors and layers that make up that one leaf. When I look at an abandoned building, I try to imagine the memories, secrets and history that building might be trying to tell, and I try to put that into my painting. When I paint a scene, I want to put you there, feeling the crunch of snow under your feet, or talking to dragons and going on adventures." - Ryker

Ryker lives in Spokane Valley, WA with his wife Jenn, 4 kids, and one fur baby.

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