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Sally Jablonsky

Sally Jablonsky is a painter, illustrator, and traditional oldtime fiddle player and teacher.

Through a range of media including drawing, painting, soft sculpture, and ceramics, Sally Jablonsky's work investigates what it means to have an animal body, and how it feels to be on the Earth. She investigates cultural forces, and honors those individuals that in some way create their own set of rules. Jablonsky shows a dedication to craft, while at the same time showing the medium for what it is- playing in the space between formal representation and self expression. She mixes the morbid with playfulness and innocence. Her work illuminates truths having to do with decay and death, the fragility and beauty of life, and the resilience of the human spirit. In some of Jablonsky's more personally expressive work, she reveals how it feels to live with chronic illness, while pointing to the notion that human kind is not separate from nature.

In 2011, Jablonsky received a BFA in illustration from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, in Portland, Oregon. She is currently living and working in her hometown, Spokane, Washington. When Sally isn't doing illustration commissions or other art work, she teaches old-time fiddle, banjo, and guitar, and plays in an old-time /country family band.

Email Sally for inquiries about music lessons and art commissions.

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