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Sam Diaz

I am a psychedelic pop artist and clothing designer active in Spokane. I use a variety of mediums including paint, wheat paste, and digital art. I create brightly colored images with a strong use of texture, outline, and unique imagery. I tell human stories with non human images. My artwork is informed by my influences and experiences such as folk, global, and tribal art, skateboard culture, psychedelia, sub-cultures and marginalized groups, horror films, my youth in central Illinois, and my adulthood in Spokane. My goal is to connect people and encourage the community to be active participants in art, culture, and nature.

Spitter (Digital, 2020)

created for Jahni Glass

Sleeping Artifact (Digital 2020)

Veggie Slice (Digital)

Razor Leaf (Acrylic on canvas 2020)

Photo by Phoebe Sinclair

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