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Scott Shumake

Born 1992 in southern California. From an early age I would draw. In school when handed an assignment I'd flip it over and draw on the back. Freshman and sophomore year I took metal shop. Senior year I was coined “most artistic” after taking another year of metal shop and finally an art class. My whole life people have fueled me to keep creating with statements like “don’t let that talent go to waste!” and “I can't even draw a stick figure!” After graduating high school in 2011 I researched the subject of consciousness. It was a rabbit hole I found myself in. 2014 I signed back up for school seeking some structure. 2015 I completed the welding program at Spokane Community College. After quickly picking up a job I soon had no time to work on my art. So I quit my job to go back to school for art. What better choice!? I felt at home at Spokane Falls. 2017 I graduated with an Associate of Fine Arts. I learned about the importance of composition while having the chance to experiment with different processes. Color & Design, 3D Design, and Sculpture were some of my favorite classes. But I couldn’t have ended my time at SFCC with a better class than Welding Art. Getting the chance to mix my welding and art experience was just what I needed to graduate with a sense of momentum. Our final project was a shadow sculpture project which sparked the fire pit idea. The fire pits have been such a hit that I know I’ve found my calling: to be a Creator.

Here I edited footage from making a set of ten fire pits down to show just one.

A dodecahedron sacred geometry functional art

The Dodecahedron Fire Pit

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