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Slava Demin

Good evening, my name is Gregory. I present my father, Slava Demin, who is 63 years old artist. We immigrated from Moscow, Russia in 2017 to Spokane.

He has been creating artworks since he was a child and went through a very interesting life. For nearly 30 years, he has worked as an art director in major film studios in Moscow. Before that, he was arrested and went to exile in 1985 for anti-Soviet propaganda. He spent 4 years there. He has a great amount of artwork. Some of them were sold to Europe; some are in private collections. His style might be called “Russian avant-garde”.

He did some art in the USA when we came here, but soon lost motivation for it. Now it appears that he is returning to his craft!
We are looking for a local manager/promoter. If you are interested in working with us, please contact me at any time.

Self-portrait, 2018

Tom and Jerry, 2018

Joker, 2018

Soviet prison, 1986

For interrogation, 1986

Casino, 2005

Shanghai, 2007

Orchestra Man, 2018

Regal fontain, 2018

Monroe bridge, 2018

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