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Tiffany Patterson

I identify as an optimistic, empathic, queer night bird who has a complicated romance with danger. My candy-coated color palette has seeped out of the studio and I’ve wholeheartedly committed to it as a lifestyle. This may be deceiving though, as my work also holds a secret darkness. I am a procrastinator who thrives under pressure. My work is playful and uses repetition of patterns as visual texture and meditation; often losing myself and painting for hours on end. I use art to decode my experiences and my themes frequently examine the idea of home. Since finding my distinctive style, all mediums are fair game. I regularly bounce between mixed media painting, illustration, murals, ceramics, and installation art and I’m always ready to embrace the next sparkly thing. I work as a graphic designer/illustrator by day and spend my evenings in my studio and/or snuggling my doggos. I genuinely hope you are having a great day.

Ceramic sculpture

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