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Trace Kerr

Trace Kerr is a lifelong Pacific Northwesterner who never uses an umbrella when it rains.

When she's not prowling the dusty shelves of some indie bookstore, she can sometimes be heard on Spokane Public Radio as the producer & co-host of the Brain Junk Podcast. She also recently joined the Taking Her Lead podcast as a co-host and is excited to interview women in leadership about their experiences.

Trace lives in Spokane with a gardening crazed chemist, one kid who's still at home, several chickens, three cats, and a flatulent chocolate lab named, Ruby.

Her first love is writing stories about queer teens and magic. THE NAMES WE TAKE is her first novel.

TNWT is a post-apocalyptic that explores survival after the world is in ashes. It centers on found families built on the promise to never leave someone behind. It's about terrible choices & explores LGBTQ+ identities and follows the journey of three strong female characters, Pip, Iris, and Fly.

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