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Mary Zhang

I worked as a chief financial officer in the US branch of a multinational company for many years. Moving to Spokane, WA in 2013, I joined the Spokane Chinese Association and served as vice President. Out of my love for Chinese dance and my wish to promote Chinese culture, I took up the baton as the captain of the Spokane Chinese Dance Group (SCDG) in 2016. My leadership has transformed the SCDG from a loosely acquainted 5-member group into a quasi-professional team. As the only group of artists in the Greater Spokane area to exhibit and promote cultural diversity through traditional Chinese dance, the SCDG has performed a variety of different Chinese dances with artistic characteristics of traditional Chinese dancing. In the past 8 years, we have staged more than 150 dances including classical Han Dynasty dance, Qipao dance, Modern Chinese Jazz, Tibetan dance, and Mongolian dance, in libraries, senior centers, schools/universities, and cultural fairs in the Great Spokane Area.

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