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Jennifer Batey

My goal for every project I undertake is for the finished artwork to evoke a connection with the imagination of the viewer. I want them to think and to feel. I am artist, but I define myself as a muralist. The majority of my work is commissioned for private homes. However, I have also had the opportunity to paint in various public spaces too. I love working with people, taking their ideas and visions and translating them into reality with my own artist license. Designing site specific work where architecture, spacial surroundings, and a clients ideas mold what the mural work will become, it is a design challenge I relish. Since my projects and clients are always changing, so then does my subject matter. I like to plan my work thoroughly and have a theme in mind. Before I begin a project I do as much research as I can about what I intend to paint. I want to understand my subject because that brings appropriate details and feeling into the mixture. I like to give my murals a framework that contains the body of the artwork, just like a frame on a canvas. And then I like to have elements that defy the framework, that seem to burst from the painting. I believe this gives my art action and movement. Throughout my career, I have both developed my techniques in my favorite media of acrylic and also explored many other media such as epoxies, plasters, glass, wood and stone. I will use anything at my disposal that inspires me to create. And honestly, I'll paint on anything, panels, canvas, fabric, furniture, the possibilities are only limited to the imagination.

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