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Growing up in a small town in idaho, I was always in love with art, reading about art, researching art, and making art. However, I wasn't exposed to art as we are today. So I bought artbooks. Any artist that I came across, whether I liked them or not, I read about them. I'd like to say, I was a prolific teen artist selling my art at local fairs and getting commissions to create murals. I was so busy making art and doing exactly what I wanted, that I never considered going to art school. I have regrets about that, but honestly would be doing the same thing today even with a degree. In my twenties I backpacked across europe. I went to every museum and cathedral, drawing everywhere I went. Murals and art were everywhere. This experience has stayed with me, it was inspiration for a lifetime. Standing underneath Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling, I knew I wanted to make art for the rest of my life. Thrity years later, I am still making art! I have painted in private homes, and businesses, and in public spaces all across the Pacific Northwest. A milestone is having painted for a local pediatric group for over twenty years, painting over 60 murals in three different cities. I take great joy in knowing that my artwork has brought comfort to all those children who have seen my walls.
My goal for every project I undertake is for the finished artwork to evoke a connection with the
imagination of the viewer. I want them to think and to feel.
The majority of my work is commissioned for private homes and businesses. I love working on
commissions with people, taking ideas and visions and translating them into reality with my own
artistic license. Designing site specific work where architecture, spacial surroundings, and a clients
ideas mold what the mural work will become, it is a design challenge I relish.
My projects and subject matter are always changing, along with my clients. I plan my work accordingly
around an idea or theme, researching as much as possible. I want to understand my subject because that
brings appropriate details and feeling into the mixture. I believe this is what gives my art the ability to
speak to the viewers.
Throughout my career, I have both developed my techniques in my favorite media of acrylic and also
explored many other media such as epoxies, plasters, glass, wood and stone. I will use anything at my
disposal that inspires me to create. And honestly, I'll paint on anything, the possibilities are only limited
to the imagination.

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