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Lori Bradeen

I am a ceramic artist. I create functional art from stoneware and porcelain. I primarily wheel throw and often alter my pots with slip trailing, carving, surface painting or sprig molds.

My work is influenced and inspired externally by the beauty in nature and internally by whatever my heart is processing at the moment. Perhaps that is why my work is varied in style often surprising people that they all came from the same person.

Some of the places my work is or has been sold include; my website,, Spirit Art Gallery in CDA, From Here, The Bohemian, and some Spokane's local craft fairs.

I love the entire process of making pottery as well as sharing the joy of clay with my community through local and mobile "Mug Makeover Workshops" where I provide a leather hard (still workable) wheel thrown mug body and teach the participants how to attach a handle and offer them a variety of methods and supplies to decorate their own mugs. I then bring the mugs back to my studio where I fire and glaze them before returning them to the budding artist!

Creating functional ceramic art and sharing it with the world, is a great joy in my life.

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