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Madeline Goolie

"My art is a reflection of how I feel at the time I make the piece. I find myself putting a lot of emotion into the pieces rather than outwardly to others. I want viewers to find my work somewhat unsettling, humorous, and maybe even relatable. Over the years I have enjoyed sketching faces with exaggerated features that I like or do not like about myself. I have spent many years developing my moody art style and recently applied it to many different animals in my prints.”- MEG

Madeline Eileen Goolie (MEG) was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. She is studying at Washington State University for her Bachelor in Fine Arts degree. She has always enjoyed being in the beautiful outdoors and grew up fishing, hiking, skiing, and rafting. Over the years she has experimented with painting, pottery, film photography, and jewelry making. Recently she has been mainly working with ceramics and fell in love with printmaking.

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