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Mel Antuna Hewitt

Mel is a German Mexican-American book artist based in Spokane Valley, WA. She attends the American Academy of Bookbinding while teaching classes on the book arts at Spokane Print & Publishing Center of which she is a member-owner and active board member. Her work ranges from utilitarian one-of-a-kind journals to sculptural artist books. As a book artist it is her mission to explore the narrative of the book: as an art piece and as a means of holding and conveying knowledge. Mel is a 2021 recipient of a Spokane Arts Grant Award for her artist book "Grown Up's First Alphabet." You can also find her knitting socks while binging a show on Hulu or indoor rock climbing with her husband and two kids.

Grown Up's First Alphabet, artist book, 2021

Follow Me, artist book, 2022

Fine Binding of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein," 2022

Fine Binding of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby," 2022

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