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Olivia Longie

I am a multimedia artist living in Spokane, Washington. I moved to Spokane from North Dakota after completing high school in 2015. I love Eastern Washington with my whole heart and am so grateful to have made it my home.

I have my Associates in Fine Art from SFCC and I love creating in my makeshift home studio as well as at the Spokane Public Library. I like to refer to my work as ‘fun first’ because that’s really my core objective and approach to creating. I’ve always been someone who makes art, the choice doesn’t always even feel mine, it just happens. I love using bright and bold colors and all kinds of subject matter.

I enjoy printmaking and engage in linocut prints as well as screen printing t-shirts. I’m always working on a new project, I love the repetition of designs and ideas. For example, I recently made a bunch of oil pastel portraits of different people wearing sleeping masks with various text written on the masks.

Right now I’m focused mostly on my photo collages, which include a large variety of subject matter. I love to play with what is a socially acceptable form of art and push the viewers' comfortability. One of my main subject matters is mixing images from vintage magazines of women, food, furniture, anything, with images from late 90s to mid 2000s pornography magazines.

You can find my work online to view or purchase via Instagram @vilebile. My work is also available locally at various vendors and markets throughout the year.

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